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Lots of people move to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin for one reason or another. One of those reasons is to attend the famous Medical College of Wisconsin (WCW). Fortunately for prospective WCW students, Watertown Apartments provides student housing near the school campus. The location of Watertown Apartments also provides easy access to the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, the Children’s Wisconsin Milwaukee Hospital, the Behavioral Health Pharmacy, and all the other neighboring healthcare facilities. For prospective WCW students, Watertown Apartments has three different apartments for rent: studio apartments, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments.

Studio Apartments For Rent

Watertown’s studio apartments are single-room apartments comprised of a kitchen, a bathroom, a laundry room, and closet with a lot of space left over to use as a sleeping/dining/living area at once, very similar to a hotel room. Fortunately for residents, Watertown’s studio apartments are L-shaped, which means there’s a small space that can be used as a pseudo bedroom, though there’s still no door to make it a separate room.

Studio apartments are the least expensive of Watertown’s apartment types available to rent. This makes them perfect for single individuals who value privacy and have no intention of cohabiting with a roommate. One way individuals save money on living expenses is that studio apartments are smaller in size and require less energy to heat and cool, which means less money spent on the utility bill. The smaller size of studio apartments also means less power outlets for hook up electronic devices, which also means more conservation of energy.

In terms of maintenance, Watertown’s studio apartments are much easier to maintain and faster to clean than the other two apartment types. By having a smaller space to start with, studio apartments make it easy to live frugally as there isn’t a lot of space to clutter with objects. As such, studio apartments don’t require a lot of furnishing.

One-Bedroom Apartments For Rent

Watertown’s one-bedroom apartments are very similar to studio apartments with one key difference: they come with a single bedroom that places a wall and door barrier to the rest of the apartment. The bedroom also has a walk-in closet that also leads into the single bathroom with a separate door. The rest of the apartment, however, has much of the same setup as a studio apartment, including a kitchen, a dining area, a living area, and a laundry room.

One-bedroom apartments are perfect for individuals and couples who prefer to have a separate room for their sleeping area that isn’t neighbored by the other spaces of the apartment. It’s also perfect for individuals and couples who desire more privacy and don’t wish to cohabit with a roommate. Since one-bedroom apartments are generally less expensive than two-bedroom apartments, it’s easier for couples to manage their finances better by splitting living costs. The presence of an additional bedroom also allows for couples to enjoy some alone time by being in separate spaces.

Without the presence of a roommate, individuals can clean, furnish, and decorate their apartments however they want without any input from another person. The same is true for couples as well, with the difference that they still have to discuss with each other how they want to arrange the apartment and agree on how domestic duties will be divided. Since one-bedroom apartments generally tend to be a bit more spacious than studio apartments, there is more room this also makes it easier for individuals and couples to maintain hobbies, though, in the case of couples, designated spaces for keeping collections will still need to be discussed.

Two-Bedroom Apartments For Rent

Watertown’s two-bedroom apartments are a bit bigger than studio and one-bedroom apartments. They still come equipped with a kitchen, a dining area, and a living area, but also have two separate bedrooms for occupants. Each unit also comes with one bathroom, a laundry room, and two closets, including a walk-in closet. Watertown’s two-bedroom apartments are a great fit for students planning on cohabiting with a roommate, as well as couples with a child or two.

Renting a two-bedroom apartment makes it easier for cohabiting individuals to manage their personal finances better by splitting the costs of living without sacrificing privacy. For couples who have one or two young children, having an extra room means the children get to enjoy some degree of privacy as well. Two-bedroom apartments in general also have more space to store their belongings than studio and one-bedroom apartments. This can be a blessing for couples and individuals who enjoy hobbies.

On a similar note, renting a two-bedroom apartment also makes it easier for cohabiting individuals to maintain their own spaces based on their own standards. Of course, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining shared spaces like the kitchen, dining room, and living room, cohabiting individuals will need to collaborate with each other to decide who’s going to be responsible for cleaning these spaces and whether or not they’ll alternate responsibilities. Similar collaboration will also need to happen in deciding how the apartment will be decorated and furnished in these shared spaces, and who will be responsible for paying for the furniture.

Are you ready to rent an apartment? Watertown Apartments is a student housing facility near the Medical College of Wisconsin located in Wauwatosa. For more information on studio apartments or other apartments available, check out our floor plans or contact us.