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Student Housing Near MCW, Wauwatosa, WI

Going apartment hunting as a first-time university student can be a daunting experience. For the first time, you have to pay your own rent, utilities, internet, groceries and other expenses. Considering how much of your income will go towards living expenses alone, it makes sense you’ll want to find an apartment that works with your budget. You may also prioritize finding an affordable apartment in a safe neighborhood that is preferably also near your school and/or workplace. You may also want to be near a grocery store, a shopping plaza, food places, a bank, and more.

Fortunately for university students residing in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin who are attending the Medical College of Wisconsin (WCW), Watertown Apartments is located near the campus as well as the other neighboring healthcare facilities like the Children’s Hospital. Originally built with affordability and the convenience of location in mind, the Watertown Apartments has three different apartment types to choose from: studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments. Deciding which apartment is best for you is going to depend on your budget, your lifestyle, and your individual needs. Starting with the most basic apartment – the studio apartment – here we look at what it actually is, as well as the pros and cons to living in one.

The Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are essentially single-room apartments where the dining area, kitchen, living room and sleeping area are all in one place, very similar to a hotel room. Apart from the bathroom, closets, and laundry room, there are no walls for barriers. Occasionally, some studio apartments will be shaped like an “L,” which contains a small space that can be used as a bedroom, but still doesn’t have a door to establish a separate room.

The Advantages Of A Studio Apartment

One of the major benefits of moving into a studio apartment is that they’re less expensive than 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments. It’s also a great option for individuals who value their privacy and don’t want to share expenses with a roommate. Studio apartments also offer greater flexibility in choosing a good neighborhood than 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Another major advantage to moving into a studio apartment is being able to save money on utility expenses. Since studio apartments are smaller in size, they require less energy to heat and cool than a larger apartment with one or more bedrooms and bathrooms. This also means that there aren’t many power outlets to hook up a lot of electronics to consume energy. Also, depending on the apartment’s location and window size, studio apartment residents can even take advantage of using daylight to cut down on electric light usage.

One last major perk to living in a studio apartment is that they are easier to maintain and faster to clean than traditional apartments. Since there isn’t a lot of space to start with, there are fewer opportunities for clutter and hoarding. Studio apartments also require fewer furnishings, which also keeps them easy to clean.

The Disadvantages Of A Studio Apartment

Despite all of the benefits a studio apartment has to offer, it does come with a fair share of drawbacks as well. One of those major drawbacks is limited space, which includes limited storage space. For many single individuals who move into a studio apartment, they often find themselves downsizing by getting rid of at least half of their possessions.

Even after they move into their new place, studio apartment residents still have to be thoughtful of what they have room for when they go out shopping. For individuals who do not want to part with their possessions, they may find themselves renting out a storage unit. This can easily mitigate financial saving goals since the rental of a storage unit can increase in price over a period of time, especially if the resident stays in their studio apartment longer.

Another major drawback to smaller space confinement and especially the lack of rooms is that it makes it difficult to live with a spouse and/or children. Even when it’s just two adults living together, there are times when each individual will want their own personal space, even if they get along super well with each other. Children similarly need their privacy and can’t have that if everyone is living in the same single space together.

On the whole, studio apartments are ideal for single individuals who don’t have families yet and lead minimalist lifestyles. They are especially perfect for university students who are just starting out and would like the convenience of living close to their schools with access to other facilities like shopping plazas, restaurants, banks, and so forth.

Watertown Apartments is a student housing facility near the Medical College of Wisconsin located in Wauwatosa. For more information on studio apartments or other apartments available, check out our floor plans or contact us.