On Campus Housing in Wauwatosa

2-Bedroom Apartments

Relocating an entire family to a new city or state is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions for a couple to make, especially when there are children. Apart from the fact one or both partners will need to find a new job, major moves can especially be difficult on children. This is especially true for older children as it will mean changing schools and losing touch with their friends. Relocation is similarly not any easier on single individuals, especially ones looking to save money or split costs with a roommate. On top of that, there’s the need to research neighborhoods to determine the safest and most affordable locations while being within reasonable proximity to school and/or workplace.

Luckily for individuals and couples moving to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to attend Medical College of Wisconsin (WCW), Watertown Apartments is located near the campus, as well as the Children’s Hospital and other healthcare facilities. Better yet: Watertown Apartments has three different apartment types to rent depending on your budget, lifestyle, and individual needs. These include studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments for rent.

To learn more about the other apartment types, check out our detailed blog posts on both studio and 1-bedroom apartments. For this post, we’ll take a look at 2-bedroom apartments, along with the pros and cons to living in one.

The 2-Bedroom Apartment

2-bedroom apartments are slightly bigger than 1-bedroom apartments and have two rooms that exist separately from the living, dining, and kitchen areas. They also come with 1 or 2 separate bathrooms and tend to have a couple more closets and storage space. This is ideal for individuals who are planning to live with a roommate, as well as couples who have at least 1 child or 2 very young children.

The Advantages Of A 2-Bedroom Apartment

The appeal of 2-bedroom apartments is that they are best equipped to be used by couples with children, as well as individuals who plan to live with a roommate. It’s a great way for single individuals to split costs with another person in a highly efficient way and still enjoy a high degree of privacy. The same is true for couples who have children, with the latter getting their own separate room from their parents. In terms of space, 2-bedroom apartments make it easier for cohabiting individuals to store their belongings, which can make it easier to pursue and maintain hobbies.

In terms of privacy, roommates get to enjoy a single space to themselves and can even have their own bathrooms with the only shared spaces being the living, dining, and kitchen areas. Roommates can often set their own independent standards for maintaining their own spaces while making arrangements with each other for maintaining shared spaces. For couples with children, better arrangements can be made about how the apartment will be furnished and decorated. Domestic duties can also be better discussed and more evenly divided.

The Disadvantages Of A 2-Bedroom Apartment

While 2-bedroom apartments are better equipped to contain more people with greater room and storage capacity than studio and 1-bedroom apartments, they also have more disadvantages than the other two. One of the first obvious disadvantages is that they are more expensive to rent due to the fact that they take up more square space and tend to use up more energy. This can present challenges for individuals with fixed incomes or are earning minimum wage, especially once other expenses are factored in.

A second major disadvantage is that for couples with children, a 2-bedroom apartment can only accommodate two children at most. This may not be an issue while the children are still young, but as they get older, they’re going to want more privacy. When it comes to space and storage, this presents a third disadvantage in that there will be more spaces and items to clean, which can make cleaning more tedious and last longer.

A fourth major disadvantage that can easily present itself with 2-bedroom apartments is if its two roommates cohabiting and the two roommates don’t get along. This can manifest in any number of ways from clashing personalities, habits, and lifestyles to failing to keep up with expenses in the way that’s been agreed upon. While roommates will often work together to keep their ends of the bargain, sometimes they just don’t work out. This can make cohabitation miserable for both individuals and could eventually force one or both roommates to go apartment-hunting again.

On the whole, 2-bedroom apartments make sense for roommates and couples with 1 or 2 children who earn a decent income and need more privacy and space. For individuals who are on fixed incomes or earning minimum wage and don’t want to cohabit with a roommate, a studio or 1-bedroom apartment may be more accomodating. For couples who don’t have children but want more space, a 1-bedroom apartment may be a more affordable options than a two bedroom.

Watertown Apartments is a student housing facility near the Medical College of Wisconsin located in Wauwatosa. For more information on studio apartments or other apartments available, check out our floor plans or contact us.