On Campus Housing in Wauwatosa

1-Bedroom Apartments in Wauwatosa Wisconsin

Moving to a new city in a new state for university is far from easy. Apart from the immediate expense of moving, a lot of times, relocation requires downsizing and having to buy new household items, including new furniture. There’s also having to research neighborhoods to determine which are the safest and most affordable to live in, and whether or not they are within reasonable proximity to school and/or workplace. Even after moving into a new home, you still have to budget to allocate money for rent, utilities, internet, groceries and other expenses without depleting your bank account.

The good news for university students moving to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to attend classes at the Medical College of Wisconsin (WCW), Watertown Apartments is located near the campus. Watertown Apartments is also within close proximity of the Children’s Hospital and other nearby healthcare facilities, and has three different apartment types to choose from depending on your budget, lifestyle, and individual needs. In fact, Watertown Apartments has studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments for rent.

To learn more about studio apartments, check out our blog post that talks about what they are, as well as the pros and cons of renting one. For this post, we’ll take a look at 1-bedroom apartments, along with the pros and cons to living in one.

The 1-Bedroom Apartment

1-bedroom apartments can be best described as a major upgrade from studio apartments. Whereas studio apartments are smaller in size with no walls to divide the living, dining, kitchen, and sleeping areas, 1-bedroom apartments come with a separate bedroom that sets it apart from the rest of the apartment. They also typically have 1 separate bathroom. This is ideal for residents who want to separate their living and working spaces from their sleeping space. 1-bedroom apartments also tend to have a few more closets and storage space than studio apartments.

The Advantages Of A 1-Bedroom Apartment

By far the biggest advantage of 1-bedroom apartments is that they can be used by both single individuals and couples who value having more space and privacy. It’s also a great way for couples in particular to split expenses in a more manageable way that doesn’t require bunking with a roommate. Another major perk for couples is that 1-bedroom apartments facilitate better spaces for alone time, especially after a long day. By having at least one bedroom, both individuals can make arrangements for where they want to spend their alone time and when.

In terms of privacy, this is by far the biggest advantage for couples, especially since bunking with roommates can be a hassle in and of itself. Without the presence of a roommate, couples can better work out how they want to arrange and decorate the apartment, as well as better divide domestic duties. Without a roommate, couples can better develop a system that works for both individuals as opposed to having to tolerate a roommate’s way of doing things. This is especially godsend when considering how often a roommate’s lifestyle can easily conflict with one’s own.

When it comes to space, 1-bedroom apartments better facilitate the hobbies of both individuals in a way that a studio apartment cannot. If one person likes collecting items, for example, a couple can easily designate where collections can be kept so that they won’t be disruptive for the other person.

The Disadvantages Of A 1-Bedroom Apartment

Despite the wonderful conveniences of 1-bedroom apartments, they’re also not without their disadvantages. In fact, two of the disadvantages of 1-bedroom apartments is that they tend to cost at least $200 more than a studio apartment and can be a bit more inconvenient to clean. For couples who have children, a 1-bedroom apartment creates a third disadvantage in terms of space and affording their children privacy.

Depending on the income flow of the individual or couple, paying slightly more for a 1-bedroom apartment can either be manageable or require a cutting of costs to make rent. For individuals and couples earning decent salaries, affording a 1-bedroom apartment may be more manageable. On the other hand, for individuals earning fixed incomes or working minimum wage jobs, paying slightly more for a 1-bedroom apartment may present some challenges and may require different budgeting practices.

When it comes to maintaining the apartment, a 1-bedroom apartment can similarly require more cleaning than a studio, especially if there’s more than one person. Apart from having more rooms and storage spaces to clean, there may also be more items to clean, which can make the cleaning process longer and even more tedious.

On the whole, 1-bedroom apartments make sense for single individuals and couples who have a decent income flow and want more privacy and space. For individuals who are on fixed incomes or earning minimum wage, or don’t want more spaces and items to clean, a studio apartment may be better. For couples who have children or require more space, a 2-bedroom apartment may be more ideal.

Watertown Apartments is a student housing facility near the Medical College of Wisconsin located in Wauwatosa. For more information on studio apartments or other apartments available, check out our floor plans or contact us.