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Affordable Student Housing Medical College

Affordable Student Housing

With college-affiliated student apartments, students can live off-campus and still enjoy the college experience. Luxury student housing off-campus is finally changing the meaning of the term “student housing,” which is still largely associated with dorms and other on-campus accommodations. Although they aren’t owned or managed by the university, these freestanding complexes are still located as close to campus as possible and cater primarily to students’ housing needs. If you are a medical student enrolling at MCW you may be searching for where you will be living during the duration of the college experience. Most off-campus housing options for students are geared toward older adults, but student apartments are specifically geared toward young adults. Large and small property management companies alike are wary of college students as tenants because of their short-term rental needs and rapid life changes. However, some landlords prefer a longer commitment from a student renter, even if they stay in the same rental for the full four to six years of their academic career. As a result, off-campus student housing establishments are more likely to accept your application even if you don’t have a job lined up and intend to pay your rent with student loans or help from your parents. If you’re a landlord who only rents to families or single professionals, this isn’t your typical arrangement. Rental restrictions are also in place in some counties and cities in order to keep students from occupying the housing that is needed by families. Many empty homes and apartments in the immediate vicinity of colleges may not accept students because of this. There are few exceptions to this rule, making purpose-built student apartments your only option if you don’t want to live on campus.

Off-campus housing is very popular because of the freedom it provides. There are numerous restrictions that come with living in a dorm, such as the number of guests allowed and the hours during which you can come and go. Even if you opt for off-campus housing, you can get more than just a late-night curfew-free place to stay. Aside from the fact that off-campus housing is geared towards students, it also tends to be more luxurious. At a university, the concrete-walled dorm rooms are a far cry from the private bathrooms and rooftop pools of a high-end complex. The amenities in student housing are better suited to your needs than those in traditional housing because students tend to be a more homogenous demographic in terms of age and interests. High-tech games rooms, study lounges, and grilling stations are available for you and your friends to use. Pool tables and flat-screen TVs are included in your monthly rent, so there’s no need to buy additional equipment for your apartment. There are far more students than there is space for on-campus housing at the majority of well-known colleges and universities. Even though private off-campus rentals can help fill this void, the houses and apartments that are available are often located far from campus, making them less than ideal for students. Student housing makes it much easier to walk to class than drive, which is much more difficult when you live far from school. Nearest-possible off-campus housing for students is almost always found in the immediate vicinity of the university. Many of these properties are actually on or near the campus, despite the name. Finding a home a few miles closer to school can cut your annual driving distance by hundreds of miles, saving you money on gas and maintenance.

Affordable Housing Perks 

If you’re looking for off-campus student housing, you’ll find that luxury and affordability go hand in hand. Dorms and on-campus houses compete for the same market share, so these rental properties typically offer lower monthly rents than those offered by the college itself. The savings are even greater than they appear on paper when you take into account that you also get more freedom and amenities for that rent amount. The rental market for students is often cheaper than that for the general population in many areas. Because non-student rentals tend to be advertised to families and professionals with two or more incomes, the average student would not be able to afford the same lease. Companies that specialize in developing and managing student housing facilities know that many of their customers are reliant on part-time work, scholarships, loans, and financial assistance from their parents to afford their residences, so they set their prices accordingly. As a result of the short-term nature of the college experience, finding a place to live can be a challenge. As a result, lease terms ranging from one to five years are common among landlords and property management firms looking for long-term tenants. Signing a three-year lease isn’t going to work for you if you’re thinking about changing schools in the next six months. This is yet another significant advantage of selecting housing that is specifically tailored to your needs. They understand that students need to be able to come and go as their educational goals shift, which is reflected in flexible leasing terms based on the school’s schedule. For maximum adaptability, some student apartments even allow you to make arrangements from semester to semester. If you decide to take a break from school or enter the workforce before graduating, you will also reap the benefits. Only current students are allowed to live on campus. In most cases, you’ll only have a few weeks to find new housing if you take a break from school or work. Private student housing, on the other hand, is free to impose its own rules on its non-student occupants. You have plenty of time to decide what to do next because most places are happy for you to finish your lease even if you stop attending classes.


To be completely independent, you have to take on responsibilities that you might not otherwise have to deal with. In addition, living in an apartment off-campus allows you to discover your true self. The things you like and don’t like can be discovered, and a way of life can be created around them. All of these things will make it easier for you to make the move from childhood to adulthood. With all of the advantages of living with other students, dorm life does not always allow you to grow as an individual. StudentRoomStay makes it easier for you to find a safe and reliable off-campus student housing option! We can help you find an apartment and even a roommate through our extensive network of student housing resources.

Watertown Housing; Affordable Student Housing Medical College

Watertown Housing is located in Wauwatosa Wisconsin, right near the campus of MCW. As medical students, they both had difficulty finding on-campus housing and had to live in nearby communities that required a car to get to classes and rotations. Their goal was to build walkable and affordable on-campus housing close to MCW. To learn more about our affordable housing options contact us today!