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The Benefits of Studio Apartments for Students

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Being a university student is a life-changing event. Not only are you pursuing higher education, but you’re also venturing out on your own for the first time. Whether you’re going out of state for university or attending one within your state, in many cases, you’ll find yourself relocating to be near your university of choice.

During the moving process, you’ll be thinking about where to get an affordable apartment that’s within close proximity to the school, but also near a grocery store, restaurants, and other shops. You’ll most likely also be thinking about how much money you’ll need to have on hand in order to make rent every month. At some point, you’ll even think about whether or not to get a roommate.

Fortunately for students seeking housing near the Medical College of Wisconsin (WCW), one highly affordable option is renting a studio apartment. Not only are studio apartments ideal for students who expect to move often, but they also facilitate simpler lifestyles, and afford a great level of privacy. Even better yet? Studio apartments are easier to furnish, clean and maintain. In fact, let’s break down piece-by-piece the benefits of renting a studio apartment as a student.

Studio Apartments Help Students Save Money

By far, the biggest advantage to renting a studio apartment for students is the convenience of affordability. Apart from lower monthly rent payments, studio apartments also have lower energy and utility costs than one-bedroom apartments. Another way studio apartments help students save money is that they require less furnishing due to the smaller space. In most cases,  a student will only need a bed, a table, a desk, a few chairs, and a small couch. Many of these furnishings could be purchased at a discounted price at various stores, or they can even be acquired through donations.

Studio Apartments Make It Easy For Students To Live Without A Roommate

Another major advantage to renting a studio apartment for students is they make it easier to live without a roommate. Not only does this afford a greater degree of privacy for students, but not having a roommate also means not having to deal with clashing personalities, conflicting lifestyles, or fighting over who’s going to clean what, when, and where. Without a roommate, it’s also easier for students to keep track of their own expenses and make sure they are being paid on time compared to if they’re splitting costs with someone else. It’s also easier for students to furnish and decorate their apartment however they please without having to consult with another person.

Studio Apartments Saves Students Time and Energy

One skill every university student will learn as vital to both their academic and career success is time management. Interestingly, renting a studio apartment can help students manage their time better in unexpected ways. For example, studio apartments are smaller and have less space to furnish than one-bedroom apartments. This means the student will have to prioritize what they’re willing to keep and what they’re willing to part with in order to open up space.

Having fewer possessions – including fewer electronics – helps consume less energy, which means less money spent on the electric bill. Similarly, when everything is all in one single space, students spend less time looking for what they need. Lastly, without a roommate or house parties, more time and energy can be spent studying and getting other work done. All in all simpler lifestyles facilitate savings of time and energy.

Studio Apartments Can Be Stylish For Students

For students who subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle, studio apartments are godsent. With less space to hoard a lot of junk, students can live smarter and be more creative about how they decorate their studio apartments and store their belongings. This is especially true for students with minimalist lifestyles as they often come up with stylish layout solutions for their studio apartments without sacrificing comfort to make them work.

Studio Apartments Require Less Cleaning Time

Related to the last two points, another major perk to living in a smaller space is that they require less cleaning time than one-bedroom apartments. With studio apartments, there is only one space to clean, and in many cases, a lot less items to move around and clean. With the simpler layout of a studio apartment, cleaning is very much limited to wasing dishes, doing laundry, sweeping and vacuuming a single floor, and dusting the few furnishings that are in the apartment.

Studio Apartments Are In Convenient Locations

The last perk to renting a studio apartment as a student is their close proximity to school campuses and other convenient locations. More often than not, studio apartments are located near shopping plazas that have grocery stores, restaurants, and banks. This makes their locations convenient for accessing the school campus and other facilities by foot or bicycle. This is also a great way for students to incorporate exercise into their daily routine and get in the habit of living a healthier lifestyle!

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