On Campus Housing in Wauwatosa

Apartments Near MCW

Apartments near MCW

The world-renowned, research-oriented Medical College of Wisconsin has many looking for apartments near MCW’s campus. But if you’re a student at MCW, you may be wondering if it’s better to live on or off-campus. Both options have their pros and cons, but in this article, we will focus on the reasons why living off-campus is a great choice for most students. The MCW campus is sizeable, and located in the charming suburbs around one of the most vibrant cities in the Midwest! Check out our top 10 reasons to choose to live off-campus during your college career!

Where Is MCW?

The Medical College of Wisconsin has three campuses: Green Bay, Central Wisconsin, and Milwaukee. For the purposes of this article, we will be addressing why students will want to live off-campus at one of MCW’s most popular locations: Milwaukee!

How Big Is the MCW Campus?

MCW at Milwaukee is a sizeable campus, and includes the Milwaukee Academy of Medicine, the Versiti Blood Research Institute, Children’s Wisconsin Milwaukee Hospital, and more. While there is limited on-campus housing available, MCW endorses Watertown Apartments first on its website on the list of viable student housing options.

Top 10 Reasons to Live Off Campus

We get it: it can be convenient to roll out of bed at 9:15 and be in your lecture hall by 9:30. Living on campus does have its perks. However, there are many reasons to consider living off-campus as well. Below we have compiled our top motivations to consider living off-campus during the course of your college career—though we expect there are many more! Here are the top 10 reasons to live off-campus this school year!

1.     Housing availability: To be perfectly honest, housing is scarce enough as it is right now, what with the housing market being what it is. Add an extremely limited number of on-campus student housing opportunities to the mix and you might as well just pitch on the school grounds. Your options are going to be far greater the further you stray from campus—but don’t worry! There are some fantastic apartments near MCW just across the street from Milwaukee’s campus—with great amenities to boot.

2.     Housing affordability: Who can afford to live on campus anyway? And pay for laundry and amenities, and a meal plan…the list goes on and on. Saving money on housing could mean using those funds for vital school supplies, transportation costs, or even fun activities like self-care or exploring Lake Michigan.

3.     Updated housing: Let’s face it: on-campus housing is beat to heck anyway. With a revolving door of students in one year and out the next, to wish for updated appliances and furnishings may be akin to wishing for a blizzard in August. With so many new apartment complexes and housing opportunities popping up around MCW, you are more likely to find lodgings that are not only stylish, but also relatively modern as well.

4.     Potential for pets: We all know how a little time with our pets can improve our mood, calm our anxieties, and even encourage healthy habits like regular exercise or eating at regular meal times. If you want to take care of your pet while you study at MCW, you’ll want to look for off-campus housing that allows your breed of choice.

5.     Quieter neighbors: The last thing you want when you’re studying for your final is to hear the neighbor’s evening of raucous beer pong and thumping music. When you live off-campus, you are likelier to experience quieter, more respectful neighbors than those looking to party all night long. This means less stress, better sleep, and better test results—a win all around.

6.     Cook for yourself: No more sharing a communal kitchen! Life off-campus means you can cook your meals on your schedule, using your tools, and your spices. Without throwing down for a costly meal plan or desperately attempting to craft your meals at odd hours to beat the kitchen rush, you are more likely to save money and time. Plus, cooking your own meals can even reduce stress and anxiety—just what the doctor ordered for an MCW student!

7.     No-hassle parking options: If you’ve ever fought to find a viable parking space on any college campus across America, you know how challenging it can be to find a spot to park—especially if you’re in a time crunch like on your way to class! In finding off-campus housing, you are more likely to have easier (and likely, cheaper) access to parking which makes everything from moving day to regular grocery store visits much more painless.

8.     More freedom to decorate your space: While you might not be able to paint your walls in your off-campus housing, you might be able to get away with changing light fixtures curtains, or adding throw rugs for example. With more opportunities to make your space your own, you’ll feel more at home and perhaps even more focused when it comes time to study.

9.     Closer to fun activities: Yeah, the campus has a lot to offer by way of sports games and special events—but when it comes to restaurants, bars, parks, bike paths, and other attractions, the area around Wauwatosa has a lot to offer. Living off-campus encourages students to seek out these fun activities that make Milwaukee so special—a priceless part of their college experience.

10.  Increased autonomy: Whether you are a young fledgling leaving the “nest” for the first time or a transfer student looking to hone in on your area of focus, living off-campus means more opportunity for real life problems, problem-solving, and overall freedom. This reason alone is enough to tempt many MCW students to seek housing off-campus—and it generally preps students for life after college as well.

Apartments Near MCW

Looking for housing for your upcoming academic ventures can be challenging, especially if you’re coming from out of state. However, when it comes to finding on-campus housing opportunities, the pickings can be slim and the costs can likewise be great. If you were stressed about finding housing on MCW’s campus, don’t worry—there are actually a lot of perks that come with off-campus living as well. And fortunately, with options like Watertown Housing, apartments near MCW can be just a short 15-minute walk away from campus—plenty of time to snag a coffee on your morning walk!

Interested in apartments near MCW campus, just a short walk from your lecture halls? Contact Watertown Apartments today for availability and floorplans!